Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Homegrown Wisconsin CSA Weeks 3 and 4

More delicious and nutritious veggies and berries over the past couple weeks. I'll just skip right to the pictures.

Week 3: July 1, 2009

Little gem romaine, green cabbage, collard greens, garlic scrapes, turnips, green zucchini, snow or sugar snap peas, mini onions, unknown herb

That list is from the newsletter but not everything is necessary in the picture. That's because I was out of town for the 4th of July weekend and had my roommate's girlfriend pick up the box in my absence. In return I encouraged them to eat whatever they wanted from it, which I presume they did. But there was still a good amount left when I got home on Sunday night.

Another funny thing... I really wasn't kidding about the "surprise factor." As you can see and I'm embarrassed to admit, I couldn't even identify the herb at the time! In the newsletter they only tell you it will be either X, Y, or Z (the exact item is a mystery to everyone until you open the box). No matter, whatever it was I chopped it up and sprinkled over almost every dish and it worked. Googling around now I'm 90% sure it was parsley.

After a late Monday night of orchestra rehearsal and drinking polish beer, nothing quite hits the spot like tuna in olive oil and frozen blueberries over a pile of greens. The sudden and unexpected disappearance of our can opener almost prevented this meal. Fortunately, it turns out that with a little effort you can open cans with a Santoku knife (thanks again, Google!)

Another "Everything in the box" stir fry, this time cooked in delicious and nutritious coconut oil. And to think... some poor souls believe it's meant to be wasted in their hair!

Week 4: July 8, 2009

Lettuce, some other type of lettuce, kohlrabi, hardy green, kale, garlic scrapes, zucchini, snap peas, mini onions, cucumbers, unknown herb, blackberries, and another 2 dozen eggs

I crept heroically through the 7:30 PM Eisenhower traffic jam to make it to the pick up site on time this week. As you can see, totally worth the effort. Where to even begin? With no time to think... I just started eating.

When a man is forced to test the limits of how many pounds of greens a human can consume in a single meal, that man requires two plates for dinner. A nice side effect of this - even if I somehow had the desire to eat something bad like a candy bar or some oatmeal afterward, it would be futile to attempt since the first bite would quickly run into an impenetrable wall of chlorophyll just south of the pharynx.